Glutenfree Malt / Glutenfreie Malz

Glutenfree Malt / Glutenfreie Malz

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We offer a variety of different malts based on millet and buckwheat. This will give you the opportunity to make 100% all grain gluten free beers at home. With our malts it is possible to make almost any kind of beer you like. Our malts are sourced in America by grouse malt house. They are a producer who are dedicated to gluten free malts and have contracts with local farmers so they know their source is 100% gluten free as well. If you would like more information on grouse malt house you can find it on: Grouse Malt House

If you are new to homebrewing and especially with gluten free malts we would like to refer the following wiki website with all the information you need to get started: Zero tolerance home brewing


If you are interested in our malts please e-mail us at with the your order and shipping address. With the information we can make a quotation of the shipping costs, we ship all across Europe. To make it easy for you can use the following downloadable order form: Order Form

BK1001 - Buckwheat pale malt-------5KG €30,80

creamy, soft, nutty

MI1001 - Millet pale malt-------5KG €28,67

perfect base, sweet, grainy, honey

MI1010 - Millet munich malt-------5KG €30,44

sweet bready nose, biscuit, light toast & toffee

MI1020 - Millet goldfinch malt-------5KG €30,44

maple & bran flavor, toasted cereal, honey & caramel

MI1040 - Millet red wing malt-------5KG €34,00

Caramel, toffee, raisin, plum, and sweet breakfast cereal finishing with medium body and sweetness

MI1060 - Millet caramel malt-------5KG €34,00

Sweet biscuit and caramel flavor, increased residua sugars

MI6090 - Millet caramel 90L Roasted malt-------5KG €39,93

Honey, caramel, brown sugar, stone fruit, sweet bread with medium body

MI6240 - Millet caramel 240L roasted malt-------5KG €39,93

Sweet chocolate, dark toffee, molasses, low in coffee and strong roast characteristics for it’s color, complex, well-rounded malt with medium body

MI1100 - Millet light roasted malt-------5KG €34,00

soft toasted, slight biscuit flavor

MI1250 - Millet chocolate roasted malt-------5KG €38,15

cocoa nibs, bitter cocoa flavor

MI1032 - millet cara roasted malt-------5KG €42,30

rich toffee flavor, lingering sweetness

BK1100 - Buckwheat roasted malt-------5KG €45,03

Hazelnut, smooth

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